Types Of Wedding Dresses

Do you want to know your body type and which wedding dress style would look the best to flatter your body shape? Don’t be afraid, wedding dresses have many different types of styles.  Here are some types of wedding dresses. So you can choose wedding dresses based on your body type below:

The Inverted Triangle – Your shoulders are wider than your hips. It’s best to wear flowing fabrics, low to medium-low necklines, a well-fitted bra and dresses that flow from the waist. This shape looks great in an A-line or Ball Gown type of wedding dress that has a strapless or sweetheart neckline.

The Rectangle – Your shoulders, hips & waist are similar in size. Styles that flatter this shape are the Sheath, Empire, A-line, Ball Gown and Mermaid with a portrait or strapless neckline… you can wear it all girlfriend!

The Apple – the hips up, though your legs can be on the thin side. A fitted bodice does wonders for this shape and styles that flatter included the Empire and the Ball Gown with a sweetheart or strapless neckline. The fitted bodice plays up your ample bust and gives your waist definition.

The Pear- the bottom half of your body, hips, thighs and bottom having more weight than your top half. For a more proportioned look, you would look beautiful in an Empire, A-Line or Ball Gown wedding dress with a strapless, or halter top with circular collar.

The Hour Glass- Your hips & shoulders are similar in size with a well defined waist. Fitted gowns show off this curvy shape well. Flattering styles include the Sheath, A-Line, Ball Gown, Dropped Waistline, and Mermaid. For a neckline, strapless works, as well as one-shoulder and scoop necklines.

So have you decided what type of your wedding dresses? Certainly, you will be look more beautiful if you choose the right type of wedding dresses based on your body type.

The Most Expensive Wedding Dress

All of us already know that weddings are expensive no matter how economical you try to be. The wedding dress is perhaps the most important element (for the bride, at least) and you will undoubtedly go to great lengths in order to ensure you have the perfect dress.

This list of the most expensive wedding dresses is comprised of royalty, celebrities, and drool-worthy creations by designers worldwide according to opishposh.com

The diamond wedding gown – 12 million

Holding down the number one spot, this diamond encrusted beauty is the most expensive wedding dress in the world. Laced with 150 carats of diamonds, the dress was designed by Renee Strauss and Martin Katz provided the jewels, teaming up to create one of the best wedding dresses ever made.

Yumi Katsura White Gold Diamond Dress – 8.5 million

The second most expensive wedding dress was constructed by Yumi Katsura and is made of white gold. Features of this dress include an 8.8 carat green diamond, a rare 5 carat white gold diamond, over 1000 pearls, and zari embroidery hand-stitched onto the silk and satin dress.

Then followed by Peacock wedding dress-1.5 million by Vera Wang and Danasha Luxury Gown – 1.5 million by Danasha Luxury teamed with Jad Ghandour

Meanwhile, here are the world’s most expensive wedding dresses according home.bt.com

The Hollywood princess dress

Grace Kelly’s iconic wedding dress for her 1956 wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco was considered one of the most extravagant of the time. Made with 100 yards of the finest silk with 25 yards of taffeta by MGM costume designer Helen Rose, the $8,000 price tag would cost around $68,000 (£50,000) today.

The Welsh wonder’s dress

We’d never class Catherine Zeta Jones as the most outlandish of stars but for her 2000 wedding to Michael Douglas, she wore a custom, hand-beaded Christian Lacroix gown that cost an estimated $140,000.

The Luxury of Nina Wedding Shoes

Nina wedding shoes have a variety of designs are very attractive and you can use in your special day or you can also use it for other party events.

You need to use the best outfit in your special day especially in the day of your wedding, starting from head to toe, all the trinkets such as accessories, clothes, to shoes into a new landscape for the guests, therefore you can use one of the beautiful design of Nina wedding shoes. The beauty of these shoes will affect your entire appearance in public; anyone who sees you will be amazed and will also be happy when I saw you walking with your husband towards to the altar. The most important in this happy day is your appearance and your partner.

There are various types of design is very interesting that you can find on Nina wedding shoes. Do not forget, this brand gives a beautiful name for each design like Vinnie who have simple shapes that accentuate the beauty of your feet. Next type is Melinda, this type of decoration accessories using faux flowers at the top of the shoe, so that your feet will look bigger than ever before, this shoe is suitable for those who have small feet. Next is Mineola, this type has a simple design with a shape that looks minimalist yet enchanting, suitable to use for those of you who have feet that tend to be medium sized.

Other type of Nina wedding shoes is the cosmos; this type is almost similar to Vinnie but has a larger form. Fresh can be your choice for young people who love shoes like Cinderella glass slipper, looks very beautiful when used with long and short dresses. There are many more types of shoes belonging to Nina’s brand, you certainly will not feel the loss after purchase and use them, because these shoes are famous for its material substance comfortable in use for a long time and you will not get tired easily when using these shoes both in indoor and in outdoor, prices ranging from $30 to $200.

The Best Steve Maiden Wedding Shoes

There are two options best models of Steve Maiden wedding shoes that can be selected to suit the tastes and wedding gowns that are used by the bride.

You can look fashionable and glamorous by using Steve Madden wedding shoes at the wedding. There are several choices of wedding shoes are offered at affordable prices and high quality of the material used so that the shoe can be durable. Other than that, you are also offered more comfort when using these shoes for the most important event in your life. The wedding shoes offer several choices of colors such as blue, purple, red, green and others that can be customized with a wedding dress that is used in order to perform optimally.

Suede sparkle in silver crystals that will be offer a beautiful view on the bride, crystal details on the thumb that shiny look beautiful. This shoe has the shape of a boot; with this you will be able to use it at the time for your honeymoon couple. This shoe comes in sizes 6-10, 5 inch heel height which will bring down the arch of the shoe. Steve Maiden wedding shoes with models Sparrkk become that most favorite bride to be used at the wedding and this shoe comes with a price of $ 240. Low price offered will still be able to provide the best quality and comfort when used by the bride.

Steve maiden wedding shoes with beautiful view other is Playy models, these shoes are made of satin that will offer comfort. In-depth look beautiful ivory with gold or royal blue color can be an option for you, heel covered in crystals toned colors. This shoe is equipped with a peep toe pump features 1 inch high platform, with it will provide additional cushioning to the bottom of the ball of the foot. 6-10 size is a measure offered by this model and the shoes with heel heights towering 5 inches will give a sexy look to the bride.

The All Time Favorite 1980 vintage wedding dresses

The popular wedding dresses style from 1980 vintage wedding dresses with high collar and ballon upper sleeve that becomes today’s inspiration of modern wedding dresses.

Let’s go way way back to the time when 1980 vintage wedding dresses were a big thing. Wedding dresses nowadays even adapted some of the 1980’s style, proving that it never go out of style. 1980 was the time when wedding dresses with high or stand collar often be seen, most of the dresses back then don’t reveal skins too much, they have long sleeves and a collar that covered right up to the bride’s neck. Another extraordinary characteristic is the huge balloon upper sleeve and how it looked like it shrink to the bottom of the sleeve.

1980 vintage wedding dresses have multi layer of puff in the skirt that makes the skirt look like a flower that blossoms in spring. Although white is the universal color for wedding dresses, we could see several designs that used gold fabric for wedding dresses, usually satin that looks good flowing from the hip and chasing the bride slowly as she walks down the aisle. The differences between today’s wedding dresses with 1980 vintage wedding dresses might be the style of the decorative laces that overlay the bodice, the sleeves, the skirt, or even the whole dress. It seems like more modern look kind of lace has took over some people’s attention.

More than 20 years has passed since 1980, but the 1980 vintage wedding dresses don’t seem to lose their devotee. These dresses actually survive through several generations, because mothers sometimes inherit their wedding dresses to their daughters, who then some time later would inherit the same dress to their daughters too. It doesn’t have to be strictly stay to the original style in this millenium era, because 1980 vintage wedding dresses can be innovated with today’s style and make this combination of the past and the future wedding dresses new trend setter.

Sparkling Wedding With Glitter Wedding Dresses

Ideas for a glowing look on wedding day with glitter wedding dresses using sequin or tulle as the fabric that would make an unforgettable appearance on your special day.

Glitter wedding dresses could be the dress for your unforgettable day especially with the many options and ideas that you could use from wearing it. This kind of wedding dress gives a sparkly look and it definitely going to draw all of the attention on your special day. It fits the bride with an extrovert personality who likes an extravagant eye catching outfit. It seems like the word ‘simple’ does not match to describe these wedding dresses, because even a simple dress with a touch of a bunch of glitter would immediately look fabulous. What makes these dresses so special is that every little bit of the glitter would catch the light in the room and reflects it from the dress so the bride would look glowing.

As the designs of wedding dresses in general are quite numerous, the design of glitter wedding dresses is also varied. The placement of the glitter cannot be randomly pasted, there’s a pattern for it. For example, a strapless wedding gown with glitters that looks like raindrops going down your dress, with the space between each drop widen as it reach the bottom of the dress. Another idea for glitter wedding dresses is a pattern that spread from the middle part of the dress so it would look like a firework that soar up to the sky, or glitter in each layer of the multi layered wedding dress.

The fabric used for these glitter wedding dresses usually are sequin and tulle. Sequin is a fabric that has a disk shaped sparkling bead sewn on its surface. Tulle is a really lightweight netting that’s made of nylon or silk. The combination of sequin and tulle would look gorgeous as the top of the dress is made from sequin and the flowing skirt is made of tulle. Using up all the sequin for a whole dress should also be considered, this way would make such one of a kind glitter wedding dresses with vintage hollywood style.

Small details that will be key for the most comfortable wedding shoes

With good detail and the addition of appropriate it will be perceived comfort really becomes an advantage of the most comfortable wedding shoes.

When it comes to fashion the woman is in the forefront in this case, because fashion is so synonymous with some beautiful clothes to promote comfort in use the convenience of the wedding is also a key in a big event that will cause a good impression in the show and can run smoothly. Giving comfort will make every user can live event with a very full of wisdom and good sense. Most comfortable wedding shoes are one example of fashion that puts the satisfaction of the consumer and thus wear shoes that will look beautiful because there is no interference when using it.

Most comfortable wedding shoes can be seen from the detail that becomes a special attention to creating these shoes. Usually a simple impression will accompany comfortable shoes because the space of a woman can be more and more freely. Use of this shoe must have been widely used around the world by bringing in concepts and virtues that user satisfaction then a lot of women who do not hesitate to choose comfort with what it compared with the less comfortable luxury. Rope is usually used as a means or an attachment so that the user can still look elegant with a piece of rope tied.

Not to mention if it gives some additions that can be used to provide more comfort and also is that the main focus is the material used to create a shoe that is very comfortable in use. Thus it can be said if the most comfortable wedding shoes a remarkable work which gives satisfaction and also maintain a beautiful impression of wedding shoes that will be used by women that confidence and also space of this kind could actually get it done. To be able to create a shoe this like it takes some attention to small detail in the spotlight and also the things that should really be considered so makes wedding shoes are classy and also has a very high sale value.

Simple Preowned Wedding Dress

Choose the suitable preowned wedding dress and the guarantee from the shop where you get it, so you can get the satisfaction from the service, then.

Many ways can help you to get and choose wedding dress to complete your appearance when your wedding day is coming. Bridal is one way for you who want perfect look, but the different way to get your fitting wedding dress is preowned wedding dress. It can be your answer to get the suitable wedding dress which same as your wishes. The comfortable one can be gotten by you if you choose the right place to buy it and get the guarantee from your own choices. You have to take a look the price which offers to you and consider it carefully.

Preowned wedding dress has many type of silhouette that can be set as your choices style to expose your ideal and beautiful body. A-line, ball gown, fit to flare, mermaid, trumpet, sheath and other silhouette can be found by you. The designer that you can choose also have wide varieties, the luxury and the simple one can be found when you see the wedding dress, but it doesn’t less the quality. You have to carefully when you choose this way to select your wedding dress which shows your personality. You won’t be disappointed if you choose the right silhouette and the design that present you personally.

You can find many kinds of color and the price that offers with different range for you. Colors you can find such as like white, golden, peach, sparkling glow, and many bright colors. You also can find the other color, such as blue, green, red, and other. The materials that use to make it is also influence your wedding dress price, but you can get the cheapest one that is about $290. up to $500.00. If you want the perfect looks that suits your style of wedding dress, you can choose preowned wedding dress with price above $600; get the good material and the comfortable feeling when you wear it.

Simple Grace Kelly Wedding Dress

Grace Kelly’s wedding dress is a dress with a perfect design, where the dress looks simple yet luxurious, so the dress seems to have an amazing and beautiful duality.

Grace Kelly is a talented American actress, where she holds Her Serene Highness the Princess of Monaco after marrying a prince named Rainier III. Her marriage with the prince Monaco be a wonderful thing, which broadcast news media marriage with a very slick, even the dress Grace Kelly became the talk pretty crowded, because the design and structure is simple yet awesome, so the looks of Grace Kelly is said to be a dress elegant wedding dress and most famous in the 20th century, Grace Kelly wedding dress becomes a reference some amazing wedding dress.

Grace Kelly looks so beautiful and enchanting when using the dress. Grace Kelly wedding dress was designed by Helen Rose with perfect design, which is equipped with a corset dress and a skirt that extends down very well. In addition, the dress also comes with a headdress, veil, lace, and shoes are so pretty that has been paired to fit the shape and color. So, when she used it and down the aisle, she looked so perfect and make every person who attended the wedding ceremony was impressed and do not remove the vision of Grace Kelly dazzling.

Grace Kelly wedding dress is characterized by patterns and designs dresses unique and unusual, but packed with very simple without compromising the elegance of the wedding dress. Thus, do not be surprised if the wedding dress designed by a professional designer wedding dress that has become admired and considered as the best dress at that time, because there is no denying that the Grace Kelly look more beautiful with the dress. In addition, the dress seems convenient to use, so that when the wedding took place, Grace Kelly did not seem tired and still so beautiful. And then, the wedding ceremony becomes different with new appearance of Grace Kelly, because she is not looking as usual.

Selecting Camo wedding dresses

Camo wedding dresses should be well selected. You have to consider the price of the dress also. Then, the color of the dress must be in the good selection also.

Camo wedding dresses in the white color will be the nice selection that you have to get for your special day. If you are preparing your wedding party, of course the gown selection will be something important for you deal. You might be very confused in selecting the color of the wedding gown. It is okay. If you are in that confusion, the white color selection will be the best recommendation for you. However, dealing with the material, you have to pay attention in detail. Here, that matter will be discussed in detail. Therefore, you should follow this discussion.

Actually, there are so many materials of Camo wedding dresses that you may get. However, for the best recommendation, satin should be well considered. This is the good material for the comfortable wedding dresses. Therefore, when you are in the bridal to get the wedding dresses, of course you should ask the bridal you give you the satin wedding dresses in the white color selection. It will be something special that make you look so beautiful. Before bringing the dress home, you should do fitting first. It is for getting the right size of the dresses so that you will feel comfortable in wearing too course the comfortable dress will make you feel comfortable also in your wedding party.

Now, what you have to do is searching the best bridal ion your city.  There are so many bridal that you will find. However, for the professional bridal, it will be something different. Of course, you should consider the price also. You may take certain wedding dresses after you make sure that your budgets enough. Okay, those are what you should consider when you are selecting Camo wedding dresses. Hopefully, what you have got here will be something useful and beneficial so you can look so great in your wedding day.